Globus Management Group excels at all facets of multifamily property renovation. We renovate thousands of units per year, with the goal of maximizing the value of your property investment, attracting and retaining residents, and increasing your rental revenues and appreciation potential.

Cosmetic Changes

We understand the importance of taking steps in the right direction while repositioning your property. Our experts work closely with you to design the project and present it to you for final approval. Upon receiving your approval, our team starts working on the execution phase. To ensure everything goes as planned, a team of quality control professionals supervise and oversee the proceedings and keep you updated on the progress.

Structural Updates

To help you get the maximum value from your investment and enhance your property’s market positioning, our experts are ideally positioned to carry out an array of structural updates, such as adding decks, repairing beams and columns, and tweaking the existing architecture to introduce new elements in your property. We also prepare a detailed timeline before going ahead with any project, to ensure seamless execution and timely completion of projects.

Functional Upgrades

In addition to working on the aesthetics and structure of your property, our experts can also check and upgrade plumbing and electrical fixtures, which includes replacing conventional taps and bathroom flush with smart faucets to save water and various energy efficiency improvements can also get you some great tax rebates. We can also replace traditional lighting systems with energy efficient alternatives such as LEDs to help you cut down energy costs.

Our Commitment

Our clients’ satisfaction is measured by our performance. Exceptional performance ensures our success as we commit to superior customer service and standards of integrity.


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